Thursday, 10 October 2013

Colchester Green Homes Open Day (New Project for 2014)

We will be running a new project similar to the Open Gardens scheme or Heritage Open Days with other Community Groups in the area.

We are looking for Householders who have undertaken various environmental home improvements and are willing to show their homes to members of the public to encourage them to consider similar improvements to their own properties.

We are now actively looking for householders who have carried out some environmental improvements  to their property and would be willing to Open them up to the public and discuss what impact the improvements have had.

We are looking for all property types but particularly those that are ordinary properties with modest improvements. The main point of the project is to show ordinary members of the public what they can do to their own homes and what difference it will make to their lifestyle.

What we need at the moment are ideas for the event, volunteers and suitable properties. Please post your ideas to this blog and if you are interested in being a volunteer or have a suitable property you are willing to make available e-mail us at

Preliminary ideas:

Geographic area: Colchester and surrounding area (20 mile radius)  Hopefully a property from all Colchester zones and surrounding districts

When : Weekends throughout May 2014 from 3rd May to 26th  May 2014. 

Includes: Wide range of houses and also Community Buildings, Businesses, Schools (eco schools, 6th form college) if we can find some.

  • some overview talks/workshops about possible planning issues and the technology itself, i.e. best technology, mixing technologies approximate paybacks etc. Happy to lead on that if appropriate. Lead John Buchanan
  • Can we piggyback with other events (when is Colchester in bloom), Culver Centre Sustainability day (do allotments have open day)


Organising – Recruit homes, volunteers etc.  Press release, social media, direct contact, through companies e those that provide PV etc.

Event : Free Green homes Trail leaflet. Website, event website press release, social media , could we get County Standard to do a 4 page pullout and map

Sponsorship Opportunities PV Companies etc.

Partners: Transition Town Colchester, ECODIY. Colchester Borough Council

Partners Potential: Transition Town Wivenhoe,  Apricot Centre, Colchester Borough Homes

More Information :

Project details

Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteer Opportunity

Opportunities for Business

Press Release

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